I always wondered it’d be soft and cold. Well the very first snow I saw was in Incheon Airport in Seoul and it’s the dirtiest thing I’ve seen. But I gave the snow another chance to impress me, and it did!!

Oh my god, I couldn’t retell the feeling I had when I touch the white powdery ice and the first time I actually felt the snow fell from the sky. It’s just awesome. The world is just awesome.

I tried everything I know in the snow handbook, squeezed it, threw it, made angle by laying on it, licked it, and so on. I have to say the cold wind was actually hell, my eyes couldn’t open in it’s right size because the wind made it so dry, I cried. It also pierces through your bone and was really hard to take a picture with my gloves on. The road was very slippery my mother fell a lot of times.

After all it was a really nice experience and if I have any chance to be in a snowy area during wintertime again, that’d be great.

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