It’s no secret that French people love themselves so badly. The refuse to speak other language than their own, no wine but their own, no bread but their own and the list goes on.

As a visitor I have to admit how lovely Paris is. It’s the kind of city that you’ll get the sense of feminine building and beauty. I’m just not the fan of the people. I’ve been to Paris three times, and when people say “three times’ a charm” that’s bullshit. I still hate the city as much as I hated it before. Why did I visit again? You may ask because I had no choice. Apparently Paris located in one of the busiest international traffic, and when you want to go elsewhere in Europe, you just have to cross France once in a while.

I have some tips though, if you're lost and really need to ask someone look for a younger generation, somebody at least around your parents' age. Try to at lest know these words: excusez-moi, parlez-vous anglais, s'il vous plait? (Pronounce: scuze moa, parle vu anglais? Si vu plei?) and guarantee they will say OUI! And help you. The key is to respect their madness of their culture then they will respect you. Don’t forget to say “Merci—Thank you” afterwards.

After my third time, I learned to respect their thing and I got what I needed in return. When you came form one country that doesn’t speak English and some foreigners speak you language, I bet you’ll be flattered by their effort. It’s just the same with the French. They want us to respect their land, and then they’ll respect us.  

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