On May 5th 2011 Mia and I continued our journey throughout Europe, form Berlin to Prague. We took an approximately 5 hours train ride. That’s one of the best train ride I had so far. The train had little compartments with 6 seats in each compartments. Mia and I had the entire compartment to ourselves.

 The 5 hours train rode was awesome because we’re given a lot of mesmerizing view, and one of the best we’ve seen was Dresden. Dresden located 3 hours away from Berlin, the City itself surrounds by a river and during summer, the view was just too awesome. We both got out of our compartment to get a closer look, we even tried to videotape the scenery. But of course, our own eyes have greater pixels than any camera. So what’s beautiful in the eyes, sort of lost in the camera’s translation.

However, Dresden is still one of the City I’d like to visit during spring-summer. The view and the weather are just perfect for a getaway into the historical countryside.  

*all pictures in this post are credited to Amanda Amelia

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