One of the basic of human needs is food. All over the world I actually enjoy any kind of food given to me. During my trip through Europe I had to limit myself from trying all expensive yet appetizing food I saw, because obviously I travel with a backpacker budget.

One city (or maybe the whole country also, i haven't done the whole research) in particular is really expensive. I couldn’t even buy a beer because it costs too much for my pocket. Copenhagen, Demark is one of the over-expected city according to me. I mean, I looks pretty and everything but the city itself still not as pretty as Stockholm—in my opinion.

Now back to food, Mia was told by her friend to buy a waffle in Stroget because her friend thought there’s no waffle in the world would beat the awesomeness of this recommended one. When we passed by the stall, Mia decided to pay a quite large amount of money to get her waffle. Our comment after we tried it? Her friend surely hasn’t tried Belgium waffles in Belgium.

In my country fast food grows so fast we have one in every corner. You name it, KFC, McDonald, Wendy’s, and so on. When we stepped in Skandinavia, KFC was the one that missing. And guess what, Copenhagen has one!! We got so exited, we got into the shop and looked up the menu behind the counter. Then our jaw dropped. For a light menu in Indonesia that cost 2 euros, cost 22 euros in Copenhagen, so after a while we decided just to cook our lunch/dinner back at our hostel.

we spent 20 euros for this humble food

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