the view on the English Channel
So I was crossing English Channel at night from Amsterdam. I was with my family this time, apparently this was our first time to go London. Little did I know that we had to cross the channel (I thought we could go by the under water tunnel the French and British are so proud about).
We arrived at Calais, the port where ferries to the U.K depart from Western Europe. Although there are several other options of ports, this port actually the one that covers the shortest journey, took about 45 to 60 minutes to get across. I’ve never been in a ferry before, not even in my country. So when I got into the deck I was surprised by how decent the ferry actually is. Of course since I don’t have any comparisons it’s hard to judge but I heard a lot rumors about the shitty ferries here in Indonesia.
Moving on, it was past midnight and believe me, even though it’s summer time, the weather above the English Channel was chilly, and we were sleepy. The bus ride wasn’t the most comfortable accommodation for a good night sleep and the ferry’s seats look more appealing than the ones in the bus.
We found a spot, and slept.
While I tried to sleep, I still could hear my surroundings and that placed me in between sleep/awake phase. I couldn’t find a nice position so I opened my eyes and tried to look for another option of sleeping style.
That’s when I realize someone’s staring at me.
He looked a little bit like James McAvoy with his glistening green eyes looking at me. He was stunned at first when he realized I caught him starring. I was amazed honestly, he looked cute. Then he smiled at me.
And I closed eyes again.
I should’ve smiled back. Maybe I could know him better. Maybe I would have a friend in another country if I only had the courage to smile. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.
This is a hard lesson for anyone who has a low self esteem (like me), smile!! It never hurts to smile. You’ll never know what might come for in your adventure.
P.S: I still remember the fact that he rode a Peugeot 206 (MY DREAM CAR!!—so much for the regret, huh!), plate number X-JP-563 [B]  (which I still have no idea which country it represent, but I was thinking the [B] meant Berlin, and the rear mirror had a sticker says “I brake for Kobolds”

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