Those who wants to travel thinks the same, how to get to the places I want with the least amount of money the safest way and get the best experience. But there’s also a phrase “no money, no glory.” Now, how to come close to everybody’s wishes? Check your options! If you’re traveling in the reagion that are close to each other, use bus or train. But if it’s too far or too long to reach by bus, then use planes. I’m going to give comparashion now:

It took longer ride but cheaper than any kind of transport. I usually prefer an overnight bus ride, therefore I can save money for the hostel by sleeping in the bus. It’s uncomfortable, of course, and a bit hard to wake up the next morning feeling ultra fresh.
For me, a bus ride shouldn’t take longer than 8 hours. If it’s longer than that, then budget flight surely a better and faster option.

Common sense is, this is the most expensive way to travel! But if you got time to check all the great deals the train company sometimes offers, go ahead. Mia and I got the best train ride from Berlin to Prague thanks to her tenacious mind to get cheap tickets.
When you travel inside the country and want to go to another country side, the train is the right choise, but when you’re planning to change to the next country, bus or plane usually cheaper.

The budget flights are a lot out there! But I’ve been dying to make my own opinion about these two famous budget flights in Europe: RyanAir and EasyJet. Here are the truth about them:


the irony i captured when our flight delayed for 5 hours
  1. Cheap. It’s so cheap, the CEO opted to sell a 5 Euro ticket as long as the passenger willing to stand up during the flight. The flight safety association was against this of course, but the CEO himself defended himself by saying--i quote You don't need a seatbelt on the London Underground. You don't need a seatbelt on trains which are travelling at 120mph and if they crash you're all dead..."
  2. Many Routes. RyanAir has so many routes, from the one you imagine they’d have until those places you never realized were on the map. So when you’re planning to go somewhere but not really a favorite tourist destination, check RyanAir first.
  3. Delayed? Ha!ha! You pay cheap money! What do you expect? I remember stranded in the little airport outside Rome with Mia. We were planning to fly to Barcelona. The plane was delayed for 5 hours then we had to search our hostel in Barcelona at 2 in the morning (In Barcelona, the scammed city). 
  4. Extra Cost. A lot of them! If you have to pay extra for the over weighted luggage, it’s your own fault. I’m talking about transport after you arrived in your destination. To serve cheap flight, RyanAir chose to park their planes not in the main airports unless that’s the only airport in the area. I remember having to pay 15 Euro for a bus ride from France country side to Paris that took 2 hours drive by bus. Almost like aiming to visit in Jakarta but the plane landed in Bandung. In the end, the total price you have to pay are just the same if you book the other budget flight that landed in the actual main airport.


dad smiled happily in front of EasyJet
  1. Efficient. That story of 2 hours ride to paris wont happened if we chose to use EasyJet. EasyJet park their planes in the main airports so it’s really easy to reach city center.
  2. Cost More. But you can book your seat if you want (or not). And you arrive in the main airport so no need to pay extra for another transportation.
  3. Less Route. I hate this fact. The served a lot of routes but not many enough as their competitor.

It’s your choice now to make if you’re planning to use these services. Choose wisely.

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